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Zombies ate my brains. :icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Thinking back by 0verSoul Thinking back :icon0versoul:0verSoul 3 0
I thought you left..
Just say you won't leave me,
You perceive so much in me,
Brought me to life when death was always on my mind,
Scars on my wrist fading along with the fear of dying,
Just stay and we'll push the world aside,
you became the anchor that kept me from drifting,
the reason i swam these rough waters,
my fountain of youth,
saved my life,
no lies only truth,
seeing you now rips my soul,
journey of blood, sweat and tears,
so please don't take her away,
anchor on my side, sails to propel my life,
which all crossed my mind
the entire time we witnessed
you lowered underground,
memories pounding with every beat of my heart,
with a whirl of wind the petals flew from your flowers surrounding us all,
in that moment i felt your existence,
realizing in my sadness you were still so near,
my vision cleared and felt your warm sweet embrace,
the sweet graze of your lips on my cheek,
and never missing your sweet scent of eternal bliss,
I hold strong cause in fact it wont be long
before you encircle me with th
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Renewed by 0verSoul Renewed :icon0versoul:0verSoul 2 0
Lost at home
Spinning & spiraling,
Completely unwinding,
Is this the right place?
Maybe the wrong timing?
Still slipping & sliding,
Slowly we are dying,
Forgetting how to genuinely live,
Ignorance has certainly become
our complete bliss,
Waking with a feeling
that we've missed
something in all this mess,
How many would pass
if all this were truly a test?
Would your best be enough?
Or would life's trials prove to be beyond rough
and swallow you up?
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 2 0
You thought wrong
Where did you go?
this place is
filling quickly of
cigarettes & cigars,
the bars are
closing, these streets
are cold,
and I don't know where you are
left me alone with nowhere to call home
so i'm saying fuck you today,
the sky's so blue,
no storm clouds in my eyes,
i'm through with you,
so hello, goodbye
no more living lies,
the truth is crystal clear,
so i'm running away,
not in fear,
but to persevere,
and survive these sands of time,
I'm glad you're no longer mine,
sleeping and waking just fine these days,
you left me, my heart was hurt,
felt torn apart,
picked up the pieces
and now found my own inner peace,
deuces bitch, scratch you away like an old itch,
now i end my letter with telling you
to get fucked, take your shit, and hit the road
i no longer care what you do.
Where did you go?
this place is
filling quickly of
cigarettes & cigars,
the bars are
closing, these streets
are cold,
and I don't know where you are
left me alone with nowhere to call home
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 1 0
Mature content
Primal Urge :icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Disturbed Mind
Killing my time here,
blurred vision,
blessed with the power of decision,
create our own fate,
making our own mistakes,
fucking up
& I'm still standing up straight,
praying god help me
rise above it,
losing my soul,
hoping this isn't false control,
chasing a buzz to forget who I was,
standing in the bathroom
starting at my reflection
wishing for a direction
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 2 0
Its takes so many forms,
becomes your norm,
then you see why some say
the devil doesn't always
come with hooves and horns,
all the through life we're constantly warned,
for some it makes them want it more,
with junk comes eventual death,
it's a test no one can pass,
a race that no matter your speed
you are always last.
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Living dead
Chasing living nightmares,
suffering hell without a care,
baring my heart in the dark,
these days it's hard to tell anyone apart,
running through these fires
dark webs in my mind,
wondering if I've come too far
& if there's enough time
to just run where exisiting isn't so hard,
steadily beginning to believe
I'm where I'm meant to be,
roaming where the wild things are
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 2 0
From the first sting,
on to the bells ringing,
down to the last drop,
waking up to a cop,
asking where I came from
& where I'm going,
all I can say is life
became my own pure hell,
living in a small shell,
alive only in the world's sensations,
crawling to get by
& running endlessly to catch a high,
to survive I had to die & then revived,
this a small part of my story,
built in a web of lies,
crashing in a wave of fire.
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Fight the good fight
Weak animals scurry and hide,
it takes fierce lions to make a pride,
stand by my side,
you'll see I do bleed
& Yes I do cry,
that lately I hang my head and sigh,
but my fight is not over,
the eternal night has not won,
I struggle, I stumble...
but I stand up straight
rocking and ready to rumble,
throwing thunder and lightning
taking on the world like a modern day viking,
living for love & fighting to live,
life is a gift worth a hit
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Anima Mundi
The very day of my birth
has become pointless to me,
I take a look at myself,
and I seem so confused,
what's the right way and
what should I even do?
Surrounded by my failures,
I can hear hell &
the demons are screaming
for the slow day of my death,
but no, not yet,
there is more to endure,
but it seems no chance to be pure,
will my words make a difference,
or is this life sentence
a simple waste of attendance?
Simply put, just take a look in my heart
and you'll see what tears my soul apart
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
A gift
Love is so strong,
it leaves us blind
to all we do wrong
true love is eternal,
sadly only a few
make it through the struggle,
love can be hard,
it can tear us apart,
fly through this rough world,
one guy one girl
striving for a life,
one husband
one wife
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0
Love ones lost,
Our time flew past now I'm
standing at your funeral,
a preview, coming soon
my own burial,
Screaming, "what's real?"
Lose my nerve, hit the curb,
Boys in blue mind state
fuck em swerve,
another tragedy front page,
grief fights to hate,
is it too late for me,
With this love maybe we can escape and
roll our own fate ,burn it down,
Elevate our mind state,
In the final scene
we'll all be where we're meant to be,
I'll see you again bub,
Hopefully one day I'll fly on above,
to our home away from home
:icon0versoul:0verSoul 1 0
Mature content
So it goes :icon0versoul:0verSoul 0 0


Eiranranta by Pajunen Eiranranta :iconpajunen:Pajunen 696 114 The Gate by Woman-of-DarkDesires The Gate :iconwoman-of-darkdesires:Woman-of-DarkDesires 90 13 Him by Cody-Lee-Jones Him :iconcody-lee-jones:Cody-Lee-Jones 6 0 stranger to the rain by utopic-man stranger to the rain :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 2,350 140 Chicago by jonniedee Chicago :iconjonniedee:jonniedee 2,724 509 Surreal BA by quemas Surreal BA :iconquemas:quemas 1,314 234 golden fish by neonihil golden fish :iconneonihil:neonihil 722 152
His beautiful eyes.. I get lost in the ocean.
His smile..I get lost in pure joy, it saves me.
His beautiful black hair, oh how I love running my fingers through it.
His laughter.. How much happiness my heart over fills, just by hearing the most beautiful sound in the world.
His warmth..his kindness..
His thoughtfulness, how wonderful he is.
How the sound of his heart beat, beating through my ears when I lay my head on his he cuddles me..
How he stepped into my life, and changed me. He showed me that love was still real, and happiness and joyfulness was all emotions that still existed. The love I see in his eyes, in all his emotions.. How he sings to me more beautiful than a songful bird. A beautiful blue Jay.
How I love him so, even more so than I could ever love myself.
How he is the best thing to ever happen to me, giving me a reason to smile.
I love you Jessie Harry Jackson, with all my heart.
Thank you for all that you do, and all that you've done.
:icondeadlydoolin:DeadlyDoolin 1 1
fog in forest by EtanOlka fog in forest :iconetanolka:EtanOlka 1,305 201 Love Violently, Kill Tenderly by JulianGraves Love Violently, Kill Tenderly :iconjuliangraves:JulianGraves 3,082 742 Three of a Kind -Joker Costume by ElectricSixx Three of a Kind -Joker Costume :iconelectricsixx:ElectricSixx 4,770 556
Wasteland Friends
Zombie neighbor
Cat for dinner
Post card sent of
Nuclear winter                        
5 less fingers
4 less reasons
3 more sores Im
Covered in lesions                            
Verbal breakdown                                
Feeling rundown
Nobody else
Wants me around  
I see your blood                                
Its my new friend                                  
The rot feels nice it
Tastes like foreskin
Zombie neighbor                          
Cat for dinner      
Blood on my skin      
:iconshatteredskylines:ShatteredSkylines 4 0
Someone's waving at me... by deepgrounduk Someone's waving at me... :icondeepgrounduk:deepgrounduk 88 27 Night or Day? by deepgrounduk Night or Day? :icondeepgrounduk:deepgrounduk 85 19 Skull by deepgrounduk Skull :icondeepgrounduk:deepgrounduk 90 22 holes by ForrestBump holes :iconforrestbump:ForrestBump 25 2



Hipster Batman
Second up, debuting at NYCC this week, is the Bat-Family.

When I came up with the idea of doing a set of these, the one I was most excited to do was this one. I designed the costumes first, I did the layout first, and then I drew the X-Men piece cause suddenly the idea of doing the Bat-Family piece was terrifying. And once I had the X-Men piece done, I was still scared. It took about two to three times longer to pencil, but the coloring was faster, having learned a lot from the previous piece. Hope you dig!

Flats by :iconjotazombie:
Part of the filter from :iconbokehlie:


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Jessie Jackson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I've traveled a beaten path.
I regret nothing.
Everything I've been through has made me who I am today.
I accept life for what it is and what it may become in the days that follow.
Writing is my passion, it's an outlet for my heart & soul.
Everything I write is personal on some level.
I enjoy sharing my inner thoughts with fellow creative beings.
I am open to any criticism that anyone has to offer, it's the only way I will grow in my ability.
So therefore please provide input and I will return the favor.


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